Érica’s Favourite Things

My favourite things are football, music, cooking, walking with my dog – my dog is very funny and she runs very fast. I love cooking because my mom asks me to help her when she has to make dinner and I have to help her and I enjoy it. But when dinner is over my mom tells me to wash the dishes and this is the part I dislike.

I like playing football because when I was still very young my father taught me to play football and until today it has been my favourite sport.  When I play I feel free. Last year I joined a football club but I can´t continue ……..

I can´t play football at this club again because for my age it´s very dangerous; so this year  I’m trying to find a new sport, one I could balance with school – my parents are worried about it but I think that if I don´t do sports I’ll get too nervous.

I’m fond of listening to music because my family always listens to music.  I have a good time talking to my best friends on Skype.  I also enjoy going shopping and going to the cinema.

So what about you ? What are your favourite things and what do you like to do ?


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