Gabriel’s Favourite Things

My favourite things are my music,video games, series, movies and water sports.

One of my favourite things is music.I like music, but not normal music, I  like some kind of weird music. I also like electronic music and a lot of different types too. Music makes me feel better when I am sad. When I have a bad day, music makes my bad day turn into dust, I get out of this world and I go into “my own world”.

Well, my other favourite thing is videogames. I love action games, because they really are a big challenge, like Call Of Duty.

The other favourite things are series and movies. I love series, and I love to discover new good series. My favourite series are Scream TV Series, Scream Queens, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. I like to watch movies on cinema, like horror movies. My favourite movies are Scream 4 and Paranormal Activity. I like those movies, because I enjoy feeling fear.

And finally, my last favourite things are water sports. I love swimming and doing bodyboard.





4 thoughts on “Gabriel’s Favourite Things

  1. I love playing Call of Duty as well. Do you like horror movies? I love Dead Silence. My favourite parts are when everything goes silent because you know something gruesome is about to happen. I love the cake. I know what I want for my next birthday.


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