Gabriel’s Favourite Place In Portugal

My favourite place in Portugal is Vila Nova de Mil Fontes. Vila Nova de Mil Fontes has got the cleanest river in Europe and one of my favourite beaches. I love the campsite, between Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and Porto Covo, in the middle of a big forest. The campsite is large, it has got a free pool you can go to anytime, a bar, a children’s playground, a shop and a private bathroom. It’s so cool.

Vila Nova De Mil Fontes has lots of shops and culture events. I love the ice-cream parlour, Mabi. Mabi has the best ice-cream in this country…well it’s my opinion. And it still has amazing beaches and a lot of bars. The beaches have got wi-fi, I love it!

I spend two weeks every summer in this city, and those are the best weeks of my life. It’s so cool and nice to be there. If you visit Vila Nova Mil Fontes, you won’t want to go home again!

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