Healthy or unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle


I’m Patricia and I’m going to write about eating habits.

I do not have healthy eating habits because I do not like to eat good healthy foods, I just like to eat food that is bad. The healthiest food I eat is meat and fish because my parents make me. I’m not careful about my diet but I sometimes exercise.I do not only eat unhealthy food. For breakfast I usually eat diet cereals but during the rest of the day I eat a lot of crap.

I do not exercise on a regular basis but sometimes I get on my skates and go for a walk around my village. I’m not an active person because I usually stay at home watching TV, studying, surfing the internet to see my social networks, I love facebook, instagram and snapchat. It is a way to distract me and spending time without getting bored. I do not like to play computer games I only like the games on my wii.

I am not the best person to say this but I think people should have a more balanced diet to be in good health and not get obese.

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Érica’s favourite places

My favourite place in Portugal is the Algarve because there you could find some beaches and an amazing water park ( aqua show )

In Aqua Show you could find some crazy pools and other crazy things like a rollercoaster .

I´m very proud to have these things in my country and to have so many cool places to visit in my country.

what about you ?

Gabriel’s Favourite Place In Portugal

My favourite place in Portugal is Vila Nova de Mil Fontes. Vila Nova de Mil Fontes has got the cleanest river in Europe and one of my favourite beaches. I love the campsite, between Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and Porto Covo, in the middle of a big forest. The campsite is large, it has got a free pool you can go to anytime, a bar, a children’s playground, a shop and a private bathroom. It’s so cool.

Vila Nova De Mil Fontes has lots of shops and culture events. I love the ice-cream parlour, Mabi. Mabi has the best ice-cream in this country…well it’s my opinion. And it still has amazing beaches and a lot of bars. The beaches have got wi-fi, I love it!

I spend two weeks every summer in this city, and those are the best weeks of my life. It’s so cool and nice to be there. If you visit Vila Nova Mil Fontes, you won’t want to go home again!

Érica’s Time of Freedom

I spent my summer with my mom , my brother, my father and my little dog. The most memorable moment of my summer was when my dad came to Portugal, because he was working in France.

When my father arrived, it was very cool because we spent time together, did sports, played some football, went shopping ,  went to the beach and to a pool.

My worst day was when my dad left and travelled back to France. My younger brother and I cried a lot.

In a future summer I would like to visit Ireland because I have family there and I would really like to see them again.