Gabriel’s Eatings Habits and Lifestyle

Hi! I am Gabriel and I  would like to tell you about my eating habits. Well, I don’t eat fast food, everyday. I only eat fast food sometimes like in parties or on special days like birthday or Christmas. I like some healthy food like carrots, lettuce and beans. I like to eat healthy food and unhealthy food. When I’m alone at home, I can’t resist chocolate but at dinner and lunch I eat healthy food.

Like I said in old posts, I love water sports… Surfing, bodyboarding, swimming… In summer I get to do it all the time, but in winter it’s very hard  because the water is too cold, and I don’t like cold water. In winter the sport I like to do is…walking…Well, it’s something, right?

I am a stay-at-home person. I enjoy sitting in front of my TV set, playing videogames and watching horror movies but sometimes I like to go out, to walk without a reason.  Why? Well, when life at school gets too stressful or when I have a really bad day, I walk or I listen to music to clear my mind.

What about social media? I love Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, whatsapp…and I think it’s just that. I like to do sports, but I also enjoy the company of my computer or Tv. I don’t play computer games, I play playstation games, but not in school time just on vacation, because of the study stuff.

My after school activity is…well study, because school is so hard and I have to study to pass. I like to do sports, but at this time (winter) I can’t.

Healthy or unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle


I’m Patricia and I’m going to write about eating habits.

I do not have healthy eating habits because I do not like to eat good healthy foods, I just like to eat food that is bad. The healthiest food I eat is meat and fish because my parents make me. I’m not careful about my diet but I sometimes exercise.I do not only eat unhealthy food. For breakfast I usually eat diet cereals but during the rest of the day I eat a lot of crap.

I do not exercise on a regular basis but sometimes I get on my skates and go for a walk around my village. I’m not an active person because I usually stay at home watching TV, studying, surfing the internet to see my social networks, I love facebook, instagram and snapchat. It is a way to distract me and spending time without getting bored. I do not like to play computer games I only like the games on my wii.

I am not the best person to say this but I think people should have a more balanced diet to be in good health and not get obese.

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