Erica.B – —Martin Luther King— –


Martin Luther King was born on 15  jJnuary in Atlanta of 1929 and died on 4 April of 1968.

He was very important for our community. He became one of the most important leaders of the black civil rights movement in the United States and in the world , with a campain of non-violence and love for our neighbor.

On October 14 of 1964 Martin Luther King received the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting against racial inequality.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who fight for equality. He believe in the worlds that he said, he was a stronger person who fight for what he believe.

He unfortunately died but he change the world. He change peoples minds, he are a hero.He have a holiday. and 15th of january peolple celebrate him birthday.

Patricia`s Favorite Places in Portugal

My favorite favourite place in portugal is Lisboa.

Lisboa, in the center of portugal, our capital city of cauntry, this city are a very beautiful monuments: Torre de Belem, Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos, Padrão dos descrobrimentos…

in summer, the people other countries visit Lisboa because is good city to holidays.

The turiste loves Lisboa. Is a cheep city for the people stranges.

The food is appreciat.The tipical food are bacalhau, cozido à portuguesa, pastel de Belém…

In Lisboa, we find the bridge Vasco Da Gama and bridge 25 de Abril. The last in very important because is very old.

The river Tejo to be past to be  dawn in the bridge.

Lisboa is a special place. We make the sports, we go to the shopping center, we visit the important places The locals are very nice people.

If you ever come to portugal , don`t forget to visit “Baixa” old zone .

I like Lisboa and I recomend

Gabriel’s Eatings Habits and Lifestyle

Hi! I am Gabriel and I  would like to tell you about my eating habits. Well, I don’t eat fast food, everyday. I only eat fast food sometimes like in parties or on special days like birthday or Christmas. I like some healthy food like carrots, lettuce and beans. I like to eat healthy food and unhealthy food. When I’m alone at home, I can’t resist chocolate but at dinner and lunch I eat healthy food.

Like I said in old posts, I love water sports… Surfing, bodyboarding, swimming… In summer I get to do it all the time, but in winter it’s very hard  because the water is too cold, and I don’t like cold water. In winter the sport I like to do is…walking…Well, it’s something, right?

I am a stay-at-home person. I enjoy sitting in front of my TV set, playing videogames and watching horror movies but sometimes I like to go out, to walk without a reason.  Why? Well, when life at school gets too stressful or when I have a really bad day, I walk or I listen to music to clear my mind.

What about social media? I love Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, whatsapp…and I think it’s just that. I like to do sports, but I also enjoy the company of my computer or Tv. I don’t play computer games, I play playstation games, but not in school time just on vacation, because of the study stuff.

My after school activity is…well study, because school is so hard and I have to study to pass. I like to do sports, but at this time (winter) I can’t.