About Us




Our school is situated in Alhandra, near Lisbon, in Portugal. We have a gym, classrooms, two sports fields, a bar, a library, a canteen, a lake, a playground and a parking lot.
Our subjets are Maths, Portuguese, English, History, Geography, Science, French, Technology, and a lot more.
Our own clubs are Drama, Trampoline and Basketball.
Our favourite school facilities are the bar and playground , because that’s where we hang out with our friends. Our favourite subjects at school are English and sports , because English is a cool language to learn and we like sports because sports are so much fun and it’s the best subject. It is more free and funnier and we can play and be happier.

We come to school in the morning, and we talk to each other,like good friends and we go to classes. Before classes we go to the playground and we talk about music,and other things. Sometimes we have lunch at school when we have classes in the afternoon. And we go home when classes end.

We like the playground and lunch but we hate some classes.